Al Jalhami Contracting & Trading Co. recognizes that sound Health and Environment & Safety (HE&S) practices are critical to our growth and success. They are integral to our business and will be managed as any other critical aspect of our business. We will perform our activities in an environment friendly and responsible manner so as to prevent or at least minimize air, water, soil, odour and noise pollution.

Quality control techniques and test plans are initiated in the project planning and implementation phases to exercise stage wise control during the entire span of the project for each construction / erection process and procedure as agreed upon with the Client before commencement of the job.

Client's specific operating and maintenance requirements are given due importance, at the same time emphasizing on safety and ease of operation of the system designed or upgraded. Thereby protect the safety & health of our employees and protecting the environment.

Wherein controls are exercised at various levels i.e., at management level as well as functional level, in addition to a system of technical audit, developed and implemented at each stage.

The construction division besides construction management is to assure the quality of construction by well-organized surveillance of quality control techniques. This is achieved by means of a system of programming and co-ordination of the efforts put by various groups in improving and maintaining the quality at optimum level to the entire satisfaction of the client.

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